Virtual Box – bridging to a wireless NIC

Virtual Box is my virtualization system of choice at home. In previous versions (pre 3.1.4) I was able to bridge the virtual guest NIC to the hosts wireless NIC without problems.

Once I installed v 3.1.4, I could still bridge but I noticed some wierd behavior. While I could ping internal hosts without problems, after a while both the Virtual OS and the Host OS couldn’t ping the internet any longer.

I didn’t investigate too much into this, but the coincidence that both stopped working a few minutes after I started a VM made me suspect the wireless bridge was kinda messed up

So I implemented a quick workaround:
By default, VirtualBox installs a “Host only” NIC. I setup the VM to use that NIC card, and then through the Windows Host OS, bridged this virtual NIC to the wireless NIC like so:

Works fine now 🙂


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