Lessons Learned : Accessing citrix storefront through citrix netscaler

I hope these couple of points will save somebody out there a lot of pain:

  • Its much easier to use the latest build (v 10.1 build 118.7) since on first login it will ask for the “type of deployment”, where you can choose the “Access Gateway” deployment to launch an easy wizard. That said, using older versions is also possible – we managed 🙂
  • USE FQDNS and VALID SSL certificates. Storefront is not the most verbose piece of software I’ve used, and we ended up at a point were storefront was reachable, but we simply couldnt log in, either with errors such as “Unable to process the request” or it would simply do nothing on login and re-display the login page again. In cases like this, check the windows event log on the server where StoreFront is installed, since you should find some warnings / errors which can point in the right direction. For example, in our case we found an error along the lines of “underlying problem establishing SSL/TLS trust relationship” which meant that we were using self-signed certificates which StoreFront didnt enjoy and so failed silently
  • This blog post will take you 99% of the way: http://www.robinhobo.com/configuring-netscaler-access-gateway-vpx-and-citrix-storefront/