Lessons Learned: GoLang GORM – filtering associations

The problem Given the following code: type User struct { gorm.Model Username string Orders []Order } type Order struct { gorm.Model UserID uint Foobar string } The above Golang code defines a "Has Many" association, leading to a schema where a "User" "has many" "Orders", with the "user_id" key acting as a foreign key. How … Continue reading Lessons Learned: GoLang GORM – filtering associations

Simple DNS Sniffer in GoLang

Golang makes it really simple to code some otherwise arduous tasks. In this case, we needed to sniff raw network data, filter out DNS data, and send the DNS queries and responses to an Elasticsearch cluster. The resulting code is surprisingly simple thanks to libraries such as GoPacket, as you can see below: https://gist.github.com/dvas0004/3d280f95a83a3084b314ea208f19f9e9 The … Continue reading Simple DNS Sniffer in GoLang