Google Yolo and Spring Boot 2.0 Authentication

Back in 2016, Google announced the "Open Yolo" project: You Only Login Once. It originally seemed to be an Android library but during Google's last Dev Summit in October 2017, Google released "One-tap Sign-ups On Websites and API Integrations" which brings Google Yolo to your website via JavaScript goodness. There's a very easy guide that … Continue reading Google Yolo and Spring Boot 2.0 Authentication


Developing Alexa Skills

In this article we'll explore how to add some custom skills to your Alexa powered device. The material in this blog post was tested on an Echo Dot - however Amazon recently enabled Alexa on most Android powered smartphones so the barrier for entry to developing these skills has been lowered significantly. I actually ended … Continue reading Developing Alexa Skills

Nugget Post: Reactive Functions to parse nested objects

Note this article assumes familiarity with the Observer Pattern / Reactive Programming as described here: Some APIs return complex nested JSON objects. For example, take this cleaned up sample response from ElasticSearch (which incidentally is used to build the "Data Table" visualization): Note the structure of the object. Within the top level "aggregations" object … Continue reading Nugget Post: Reactive Functions to parse nested objects

How we built the CyberSift Attack Map

Recently we launched a small site called the "CyberSift Attack Map" hosted at Any one involved in the InfoSec industry will be instantly familiar with the site:   It's basically a map of attacks which either trip some rule in a signature based IPS such as SNORT, or land in a honeypot. In this article we'll list … Continue reading How we built the CyberSift Attack Map

Super Simple React Native Redux Example

Inspired by Update 14/12/2018: Fixed code errors spotted by Enjin Nine... thank you very much! In this article we explore the barest of solutions to get started with React Native + Redux. The only pre-requisite to the below is to have "create-react-native-app" installed ( Setup create-react-native-app superSimple cd superSimple npm install --save redux react-redux redux.js … Continue reading Super Simple React Native Redux Example

From JQuery to ReactJS

I have previously worked with ReactJS - most notably during my Master's dissertation, however the main Javascript library I work with when working for clients and companies still remains the venerable JQuery. This is changing as more and more organizations I interact with move to more modern frameworks like Angular and ReactJS. Where to start … Continue reading From JQuery to ReactJS

Elasticsearch REST API: JEST upsert

I've already written about tips and tricks when using the Elasticsearch Java API. The Elasticsearch REST API has been going from strength to strength, and it seems that going forward the Elasticsearch team will focus more on the REST API than the native JAVA client. At the time of writing however, the official java REST library … Continue reading Elasticsearch REST API: JEST upsert