Custom NiFi Load Balancing Processor

We're big fans of NiFi at CyberSift - we use it as our primary platform to ingest data from a wide variety of sources, process the data and POST it to an Elasticsearch back-end. During our time spent with NiFi, we built a basic, but useful load-balancing processor: The readme is hopefully quite clear, … Continue reading Custom NiFi Load Balancing Processor

Kotlin Coroutines – Flow parallel processing

Meant as an alternative to the Kotline Coroutine "Channel", a "Flow" is another way of enabling communication between two co-routines. The difference between the two is essentially that a channel is "hot" (i.e. starts as soon as it is declared), while a flow is "cold" (i.e. only starts when required (or "subscribed to" in reactive … Continue reading Kotlin Coroutines – Flow parallel processing