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Signing GMail Messages with the Estonian eID PKI Card (Part 2)

In a previous blog post we explored how to sign messages using the Estonian eID card. In this video, we demonstrate how a receiver who got a signed email message would be able to verify that the email really did come from the advertised sender.

I have uploaded the revised code to github, please feel free to have a browse Рbut the plugin is linux only, and not ready for production (mainly due to lack of error handling, not cleaning up the tmp folder after operations, and hardcoding the eID PIN)

Part 1 of the series can be found here

Nugget Post: Pouchdb-find regex example

Here’s an example of using the excellent pouchdb-find plugin’s ( regex features. I couldn’t really find a good example in the documentation, but looking at the source code we come up with something like this:

Note that the $regex command cannot be run on an indexed field, so this will be a slow query – apart from the expensive regex operation, all records are being loaded into memory and scanned.

The above example can be run on the pouchdb-find demo site (


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