Voice Controlled Christmas Tree Lights

What we're building: https://youtu.be/Lgtpi0k7FD8 It's a great project to get started with learning about IoT, and Alexa. Hardware Particle Photon micro-controllerAdafruit Featherwing mini-relay (https://learn.adafruit.com/mini-relay-featherwings/overview)Amazon Alexa (Dot in my case...)Optional for some extra holiday cheer: Adafruit NeoPixel Stick (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1426) Circuit Diagram Fritzing file can be found here: https://github.com/dvas0004/SmartMote/blob/master/SmartMote_v1.fzz Notes, tips and tricks about the Hardware The … Continue reading Voice Controlled Christmas Tree Lights


Z-Wave : Lessons Learned – Python OpenZwave

This article explains a few missing pieces of the puzzle I had when setting up a home automation network using ZWave. Most of this information is available publicly but it took a while to find or to actually make the connection between what I wanted and what I needed to look for in the documentation.   … Continue reading Z-Wave : Lessons Learned – Python OpenZwave

Reactive Spring: Webflux Multipart File Upload

A clear, simple example of multipart file upload using Reactive Spring Spring Boot v2.0.3.RELEASE Coding using reactive functional style (as opposed to annotation-based) Spring Initializr Dependencies: "Reactive Web" Language: Kotlin Notes follow after the code: https://gist.github.com/dvas0004/fdb63086cd77869066e83a1ca25757d9 Notes: Spring Webflux makes it extremely easy to build reactive web services - but it takes a while to … Continue reading Reactive Spring: Webflux Multipart File Upload

Drill Down into Spring Boot Actuator metrics

We've only seen this very useful feature documented in the official Spring Actuator API Documentation, so maybe not many are aware that you actually have some control over what the Spring Actuator metrics return to your requesting client. The Spring Actuator API allows you to expose several useful metrics that you can use to monitor … Continue reading Drill Down into Spring Boot Actuator metrics

Google Yolo and Spring Boot 2.0 Authentication

Back in 2016, Google announced the "Open Yolo" project: You Only Login Once. It originally seemed to be an Android library but during Google's last Dev Summit in October 2017, Google released "One-tap Sign-ups On Websites and API Integrations" which brings Google Yolo to your website via JavaScript goodness. There's a very easy guide that … Continue reading Google Yolo and Spring Boot 2.0 Authentication

Nugget Post: Reactive Functions to parse nested objects

Note this article assumes familiarity with the Observer Pattern / Reactive Programming as described here: http://reactivex.io/ Some APIs return complex nested JSON objects. For example, take this cleaned up sample response from ElasticSearch (which incidentally is used to build the "Data Table" visualization): https://gist.github.com/dvas0004/8f3427955a5bb21213c864d30094d072 Note the structure of the object. Within the top level "aggregations" object … Continue reading Nugget Post: Reactive Functions to parse nested objects

Elasticsearch REST API: JEST upsert

I've already written about tips and tricks when using the Elasticsearch Java API. The Elasticsearch REST API has been going from strength to strength, and it seems that going forward the Elasticsearch team will focus more on the REST API than the native JAVA client. At the time of writing however, the official java REST library … Continue reading Elasticsearch REST API: JEST upsert