Z-Wave : Lessons Learned – Python OpenZwave

This article explains a few missing pieces of the puzzle I had when setting up a home automation network using ZWave. Most of this information is available publicly but it took a while to find or to actually make the connection between what I wanted and what I needed to look for in the documentation.   … Continue reading Z-Wave : Lessons Learned – Python OpenZwave

Reactive Spring: Webflux Multipart File Upload

A clear, simple example of multipart file upload using Reactive Spring Spring Boot v2.0.3.RELEASE Coding using reactive functional style (as opposed to annotation-based) Spring Initializr Dependencies: "Reactive Web" Language: Kotlin Notes follow after the code: https://gist.github.com/dvas0004/fdb63086cd77869066e83a1ca25757d9 Notes: Spring Webflux makes it extremely easy to build reactive web services - but it takes a while to … Continue reading Reactive Spring: Webflux Multipart File Upload