Adding agentless Windows WMI monitoring to Nagios

There are a couple of well documented methods to monitor Windows machines from Nagios. The most popular of these seems to be NRPE. This method works very well, but the biggest downside for me was the need to install a client on every machine that needed to be monitored. WMI seemed to be the best … Continue reading Adding agentless Windows WMI monitoring to Nagios

Check_mk, pnp4nagios and mod_gearman

Ever since i've been working with Centreon, I've found it to be a relatively stable all-in-one solution. Its all-in-one aspect makes it extremely convenient (for example, graphing is taken care of without any third part modules. Moreover, since Centreon is built on top of nagios / icinga, you get to all the openness, and flexibility … Continue reading Check_mk, pnp4nagios and mod_gearman

Lessons Learned: Apache CGI & Livecheck

I recently had a project where I used a combination of nagios / livecheck and Apache's CGI to create a lightweight Nagios Dashboard for the NOC team. It was quite a simple process, much aided by the fact that the CGI gateway allows you to use any programming language, including my favorite bash. The project took … Continue reading Lessons Learned: Apache CGI & Livecheck

Nugget Post : Changing the monitoring backend for Centreon

The makers of Centreon quite clearly state that their frontend is compatible with a number of backends, including for example their own centreon-engine, nagios and icinga. At the time of writing, most documentation tackles installing a combination of Centreon+Nagios. However, I could not find any documentation on how to install a combination of say, Centreon+Icinga. … Continue reading Nugget Post : Changing the monitoring backend for Centreon

Centreon upgrade / backup / restore

I wrote a document for work, regarding how to backup / restore centreon. The document may also prove useful to some since it highlights the differences in paths between one centreon release and another. Also the differences between paths when centreon is built from source, and when it is built from the recently provided repos … Continue reading Centreon upgrade / backup / restore

Creating a custom Nagios/Centreon passive alerter

Scenario: This is very probably a familiar problem that any sysadmin must solve: Using your monitoring setup to receive alerts from other servers. Note the highlighted "receive". This is different from the standard poll / check that come out of the box with Nagios. Say for example, you would like to receive an alert whenever … Continue reading Creating a custom Nagios/Centreon passive alerter

Sending nagios / centreon notifications via IRC

Lately we needed to find a convenient method of notifying service desk operators of centreon notifications. Email was not a good option since operatives tended to simply delete the messages. Besides, we wantede something a bit more realtime. In the end, I decided on using IRC. I went with IRC rather than jabber due to … Continue reading Sending nagios / centreon notifications via IRC