RxJS: The bridge between plain JS and ReactJS

Scenario During front-end development, we sometimes have to deal with code which cannot be imported easily into your ReactJS app. This situation arises frequently when dealing with a legacy codebase, or when you have a large, heterogeneous codebase with different teams taking care of different "sections" of the front-end. This article explores one method that … Continue reading RxJS: The bridge between plain JS and ReactJS


Super Simple React Native Redux Example

Inspired by http://blog.tylerbuchea.com/super-simple-react-redux-application-example/ Update 14/12/2018: Fixed code errors spotted by Enjin Nine... thank you very much! In this article we explore the barest of solutions to get started with React Native + Redux. The only pre-requisite to the below is to have "create-react-native-app" installed (https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started.html) Setup create-react-native-app superSimple cd superSimple npm install --save redux react-redux redux.js … Continue reading Super Simple React Native Redux Example

From JQuery to ReactJS

I have previously worked with ReactJS - most notably during my Master's dissertation, however the main Javascript library I work with when working for clients and companies still remains the venerable JQuery. This is changing as more and more organizations I interact with move to more modern frameworks like Angular and ReactJS. Where to start … Continue reading From JQuery to ReactJS