Script to backup WordPress from remote PC

Another auto-backup script 🙂 This time, I wanted to have a quick and easy way to login to my server from my windows laptop, compress and backup the wordpress blog content, as well as the wordpress mysql database, then copy everything back to my laptop. A one-click backup basically. Here's what I did. First up, … Continue reading Script to backup WordPress from remote PC

Integrating Twitter & WordPress

You might have noticed a new widget on the right titled 'My Tweets'. For the web-savvy this of course shows my recent Twitter messages. For the un-initiated, Twitter is a micro-blogging service. Basically, imagine writing an sms or text from your cell phone, then sending it not to just one person, but to anyone who … Continue reading Integrating Twitter & WordPress

Choosing a weblog

My very first task when setting up the blog, or weblog as they're being called nowadays, was how exactly I wanted to go about it. The very first consideration I had was if I even wanted to host this site myself. There are a multitude of free, simple to use providers which allow you to … Continue reading Choosing a weblog