Configuring windows PCs to use IPSec

Using windows server 2008 and windows 7 / vista, it actually becomes quite easy to secure internal traffic using IPSec. This is quite a good security feature to implement, since it’s no longer the case that internal traffic can be sent in cleartext, considering most attacks happen on the inside due to disgruntled employees, browser … Continue reading Configuring windows PCs to use IPSec

Troubleshooting windows access issues

Just now I needed to troubleshoot a very specific problem: Having just removed my domain controller from a domain, and subsequently re-adding it into a child domain, I was unable to install the certificate authority service successfully. During the install process, the installer would always fail at the stage where it generates the cryptographic keys. … Continue reading Troubleshooting windows access issues

Source routing concepts

Source routing is basically an option in IP (layer 3) where a packet can instruct a gateway (for example the sonciwall) which hops to send the packet to. Its like the client deciding which route the packets should take. Now this of course is kinda bad because if the client (let’s say he’s a hacker) … Continue reading Source routing concepts

Useful Microsoft technet links

While studying for my microsoft MS 70-680 exam (windows 7) I was having difficulty visualising the provisioning and deployment features of windows 7. In my quest to find videos showing the systems actually running, I ran across some screencasts hosted on microsoft's very own technet. They're not half bad and they definitely helped me understand … Continue reading Useful Microsoft technet links

Virtual Box – bridging to a wireless NIC

Virtual Box is my virtualization system of choice at home. In previous versions (pre 3.1.4) I was able to bridge the virtual guest NIC to the hosts wireless NIC without problems. Once I installed v 3.1.4, I could still bridge but I noticed some wierd behavior. While I could ping internal hosts without problems, after … Continue reading Virtual Box – bridging to a wireless NIC

NMap cheat sheet

Nugget Post : NMAP 5 cheat sheet Alejandro Ramos posted an excellent NMAP5 cheat sheet here. Excellent to print out when pentesting and network scanning I mirrored the file here

Backup Scripts

On my work PC I have several important files and folders that I would regularly want to backup. These are usually some MySQL database backend for a website, the website content itself, my Outlook .pst file and a folder containing important work documents. I wanted a backup script that would automatically backup these files regularly, … Continue reading Backup Scripts