On moving my TIL notes online, and opening them up for collaboration

Probably one of the best ways to grow and develop professionally is to try and learn something new everyday. Even if it’s something small: a new regular expression, a new framework or the name of a new tool…

My blog has always been my way of cementing some new-found piece of knowledge in my head by writing about it and presenting it in the best possible way I can for others (and future me) to read and understand. However, the blog lends itself more to “in-depth” thoughts and concepts, with lots of screenshots to make an article more interesting

Writing a good, well-reasoned and thought out blog post every day is almost impossible. So I needed a better medium to take very short notes of what I had learnt that day and review them at a later date. I had initially started with sticky notes, and I would simply right a tweet-sized explanation or example of what I learnt and just place it on a sticky note. The sticky notes graduated to a journal book, and now the journal has gone online:


The site is actually powered by github, and each “note” is actually an issue that’s been opened in the below repository:


Have a quick look through the readme and feel free to contribute your own notes by opening an issue… i’d be very happy to include these!! In concept the idea is very similar to the Today I Learned sub-reddit — but it’s focused on software development (indeed a TIL for software does exist on reddit but it’s not very frequently updated)

I hope you do find my Nerd Notes useful and I hope to keep on updating the notes regularly, and — even more importantly — accepting nerd notes from you!

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