Lessons Learned: Overriding routing in Cisco ASA

While at a client this week, I ran across a fundamental change in post 8.3 cisco ASA routing logic which blindsided me for a while. The scenario was that after changing some VPN tunnel endpoints and hence changing subnet locations, we started seeing errors in syslog along the lines of TCP session torn down, "no … Continue reading Lessons Learned: Overriding routing in Cisco ASA

Lessons Learned: Cisco Catalyst Q-in-Q

Today I had the chance to work on a scenario where cisco Q-in-Q was needed. Basically, Q-in-Q is a method wherein a vlan (normally that of a customer) is left intact, and encapsulated within another vlan (normally that of a provider). So it's vlan-within-a-vlan. There are plenty of guides on the internet that explain it, … Continue reading Lessons Learned: Cisco Catalyst Q-in-Q