Android (SL4A) bluetooth to Linux (ubuntu)

As a follow up to my recent post I tried to program a very basic launcher. The idea is to pass commands from my android phone to my ubuntu laptop. The android side of things was already catered for by SL4A, I used a fixed version of their program that comes bundled with SL4A python. … Continue reading Android (SL4A) bluetooth to Linux (ubuntu)

Connecting Ubuntu / Mint to exchange mail and calendar

Assumptions and pre-requisites. This article assumes the Linux user has the following installed: An Ubuntu derived distribution such as Ubuntu itself, Linux Mint, and so on The email client used is evolution, installed via the following packages and their dependencies: evolution evolution-common evolution-data-server-common evolution-mapi evolution-ews evolution-data-server-goa evolution-plugins gnome-online-accounts gnome-control-center Setup Details Open the system menu … Continue reading Connecting Ubuntu / Mint to exchange mail and calendar