Resetting windows admin password

Recently I had to find a way to recover or reset the administrator password for a Windows 7 laptop which locked out the user. Obviously we wanted to do this without deleting the data or formatting.

There are several videos of people doing this on Windows XP using backtrack. I was looking for a simpler way that works with Windows 7. That’s when I found Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. It did the job famously. The site doesnt mention Windows 7 but it worked.

You just need to download the iso file and burn it to a cd, or copy to a bootable USB stick. Once done, boot from the desired medium and follow instructions. It was all done 🙂

From a hacking perspective this is quite useless of course, the user know we reset their password and the tool leaves all sorts of traces behind. If hacking is what you’re after, nor recovery, I later ran across another utility I still having tested called Kon-Boot. I’ve never tested this personally, but according to people who have:

“When asked for the password to log in, hit enter. Thats all! No files are written to the disk by this utility. None are modified either. Reboot without the cd & you are back to your original password.”

Perfect for sneaking in 😉


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