fsck to the rescue…

While transferring files to my new hardisk on my SheevaPlug, I made a couple of mistakes which cut off a file in mid-transfer. This of course resulted in the file being corrupted:

As you can see above, there’s something obviously wrong with the file “SNWLback2.zip”. Removing, moving or copying it made no difference, I just kept on getting the error you can see at the bottom : “No such file or directory”

I even tried deleting it by using find . -iname to remove it via its inode number. No luck. The fix was in the end pretty simple in my case. I simply needed to umount the hardisk, then run the fsck command against the /dev/sdb1 (my external Harddisk). After whirring for about 45 minutes, the file was “fixed” and could be removed 🙂

In short, I just needed to unmount the harddisk to prevent it from being used while running fsck. FSCK is the inbuilt linux command which checks the file system for errors (fsck = file system check)

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