Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2 / RC from 9.10

Last night I decided to take the leap and install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx beta. The upgrade went pretty smoothly using the update-manager -d as recommended by the site’s instructions. However two things got “broken” for me:

1. I couldn’t find the sound volume indicator at the top right of my screen anymore

2. The video troubles I had were back… i.e. I had audio working fine,but all the media players would just show a blank, black screen instead of the actual movie. Another related symptom was that when using Skype, other people could see my webcam feed, but I could not see theirs, so effectively I could not receive video.

Here’s how I solved both issues:

1. The sound volume indicator is part of the gnome indicator applet. If you simply right click on the top panel and select “add to panel”, scroll down to select the applet as shown below:

This should make the sound volume indicator re-appear. This also makes the “mail” indicator appear. I had removed this from the panel when using 9.10, and probably explains why the sound volume was missing, as it seems that the two are tired together in 10.04.

2. After a lot of clicking, reading and swearing, turns out the latest Nvidia drivers were causing me issues. After I regressed to the 173 drivers, all my video started working properly. This was done from System > Administration > Hardware drivers, and I chose not the latest version of drivers, but the one right before.

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