Nugget Post : Changing the monitoring backend for Centreon

The makers of Centreon quite clearly state that their frontend is compatible with a number of backends, including for example their own centreon-engine, nagios and icinga. At the time of writing, most documentation tackles installing a combination of Centreon+Nagios. However, I could not find any documentation on how to install a combination of say, Centreon+Icinga. Then, I stumbled across this setting under

Administration > Option> Nagios > Default Engine


The options currently available are:

– Icinga

– Nagios

– Shinken

Expect another post once I take this out for a test 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nugget Post : Changing the monitoring backend for Centreon

  1. do you have any experiences with centreon and icinga after some months since this post? it’s driving mit nuts that i’m not capeable of finding a documentation with this combination 🙂

    i’d love to have a tutorial for this setup with idoutils.

    1. Hi Tobias

      I actually got it to work but not entirely through the centreon GUI. that was a while ago and some forum posts I’ve read since suggest that its possible to perform the setup without issues

      I’ve just changed jobs so its a bit of a bad time, but i’ll try re-setup my VM enviornment and note my steps is successful and give you a tutorial asap, assuming I catch on quickly on my new job 🙂

      Stay tuned… Subscribe/follow on twitter/like on facebook for updates 🙂


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