Nugget Post : resetting a cisco nexus switch

Cisco nexus factory reset procedure:


1. Clear configuration by running:

write erase [boot | debug]

Syntax description:

boot(Optional) Erases only the boot variable and mgmt0 interface configuration.
debug(Optional) Erases only the debug configuration.


switch(config-if)# write erase
Warning: This command will erase the startup-configuration.
Do you wish to proceed anyway? (y/n) [n] y

2. The switch may boot into the “loader prompt” in which case you have also cleared the configuration which instructs the nexus which kickstarter and system image to boot. To recover from the bootloader prompt, follow the instructions posted here:


3. Save yourself some trouble and once in normal system mode, run the install all command to set the boot variables back to the currently loaded kickstart and system image. If this is not done, the switch will revert back to the loader prompt on reboot


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