SL4A – fix

I’ve been playing around with SL4A (scripting layer for android) – more specifically, python for android, and am impressed with the functionality and APIs till now. I ran across a small problem when attempting to run the included “” script. The error was something along the lines of the result for user input being none. Nosing through the script, the offending lines were line 30 and line 19, both of which contain the “droid.getInput” function. Seems like this has been deprecated and should now be turned into “droid.dialogGetInput”, so the two lines now become:

line 19: result = droid.dialogGetInput(‘Chat’, ‘Enter a message’).result

line 30: result = droid.dialogGetInput(‘Chat’, ‘Enter a message’).result

Otherwise it worked right out the box – fantastic work from the guys…

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