Nugget Post : Running Kivy + SL4A’s Python for Android together using QPython

Kivy is the next python framework I went discovering, but I really missed the convenient “droid” package that SL4A had. SL4A made it so easy to use native android features… like “Toasts”. With Kivy, (at the moment at least – devs are hard at work to fix this!) it’s a bit tougher – you need to directly access the Java classes for building a Toast by using pyjinius. It would be awesome to have the GUI powers of Kivy, with the native functionality access of SL4A. Qpython gives you exactly that!

QPython - python for android
QPython – python for android

Qpython seems to be an evolution of SL4A… it’s really easy to use, see the code snippet below to combine both Kivy and SL4A features:

import androidhelper
from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button
class TestApp(App):
def buttonPress(self,instance):
droid = androidhelper.Android()
line = droid.dialogGetInput()
s = 'Hello %s' % line.result
def build(self):
btn1 = Button(text='Hello world 1')
return btn1

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