Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible

While researching the best way to implement the SSL certificate monitoring feature for our Tutela product, we ran across the excellent Certificate Transparency Project. The project aims to "watch the watchers", and provide independent certificate logs to monitor Certificate Authorities. Unfortunately for us, the project API endpoints do not return an easy-to-parse data feed. Instead, … Continue reading Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible

Nugget post: Registering interfaces with Gin-gonic Sessions

When building a Gin-gonic based web application, you'll probably come across a situation where you'd like to store information about the request in a session - essentially anything that requires HTTP cookies. Gin+gonic provides the "sessions" middleware to address this: Gin middleware for session management with multi-backend support: - cookie-based - Redis - memcached … Continue reading Nugget post: Registering interfaces with Gin-gonic Sessions