Golang Gotcha: Modifying an array of structs

Scenario Using Golang, we initialize an array of structs, within which we'd like to change a field by iterating over the initialized array. This would be necessary (for example) to initialize certain struct fields. An initial pass at the code may look something like this: // play with this code here: https://go.dev/play/p/VH0duYxZVZn package main import … Continue reading Golang Gotcha: Modifying an array of structs

Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible

While researching the best way to implement the SSL certificate monitoring feature for our Tutela product, we ran across the excellent Certificate Transparency Project. The project aims to "watch the watchers", and provide independent certificate logs to monitor Certificate Authorities. Unfortunately for us, the project API endpoints do not return an easy-to-parse data feed. Instead, … Continue reading Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible