Nugget post: Registering interfaces with Gin-gonic Sessions

When building a Gin-gonic based web application, you'll probably come across a situation where you'd like to store information about the request in a session - essentially anything that requires HTTP cookies. Gin+gonic provides the "sessions" middleware to address this: Gin middleware for session management with multi-backend support: - cookie-based - Redis - memcached … Continue reading Nugget post: Registering interfaces with Gin-gonic Sessions

Singleton patterns in Python’s AIO-HTTP

AIO-HTTP is a web server framework built on python 3's async capabilities. The performance benefits of using async are widely documented online - but suffice to say you can get performance from Python which is on par with NodeJS! If you're coming from a Java (or similar) background, one of the questions you'll probably come … Continue reading Singleton patterns in Python’s AIO-HTTP