Rate Limiting Spring Reactive Web APIs (Bucket4J)

Based on a couple of other good guides out there - see reference [1]. Updated for Spring Reactive Webflux Goal Rate limiting within Reactive Spring Web can be achieved in a number of ways so to expand on a couple of different scenarios we define the following goals: Rate limit all API calls by session … Continue reading Rate Limiting Spring Reactive Web APIs (Bucket4J)

Custom NiFi Load Balancing Processor

We're big fans of NiFi at CyberSift - we use it as our primary platform to ingest data from a wide variety of sources, process the data and POST it to an Elasticsearch back-end. During our time spent with NiFi, we built a basic, but useful load-balancing processor: https://github.com/dvas0004/nifi-loadbalancer The readme is hopefully quite clear, … Continue reading Custom NiFi Load Balancing Processor