Centreon upgrade / backup / restore

I wrote a document for work, regarding how to backup / restore centreon. The document may also prove useful to some since it highlights the differences in paths between one centreon release and another. Also the differences between paths when centreon is built from source, and when it is built from the recently provided repos … Continue reading Centreon upgrade / backup / restore


KVM & BRCTL in Linux – bringing VLANs to the guests

I recently had the opportunity to setup a KVM machine running on a Centos machine. Tools such as Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) help immensely in the provisioning and administration of virtual machine guests within KVM, and bring the KVM solution on par with other solutions such as Xen, VMWare and VirtualBox. Networking is one of … Continue reading KVM & BRCTL in Linux – bringing VLANs to the guests