KVM & BRCTL in Linux – bringing VLANs to the guests

I recently had the opportunity to setup a KVM machine running on a Centos machine. Tools such as Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) help immensely in the provisioning and administration of virtual machine guests within KVM, and bring the KVM solution on par with other solutions such as Xen, VMWare and VirtualBox. Networking is one of … Continue reading KVM & BRCTL in Linux – bringing VLANs to the guests


Troubleshooting Centreon graphs

Symptom: Centreon stopped graphing performance data completely. There are quite a large number of reasons why this would happen, in fact a quick google search will come up with some very good articles, the few which I found useful were: http://en.doc.centreon.com/Setup:Graphs#Perfdata_activation_in_Nagios http://en.doc.centreon.com/Troubleshooting:Graphs http://felipeferreira.net/?p=1019 However, alas none of the points mentioned in the above articles worked … Continue reading Troubleshooting Centreon graphs