Proxy re-encryption

What is proxy re-encryption? Proxy re-encryption lets Alice send Bob a message (M) via a semi-trusted proxy, without revealing Alice's private key to either the proxy or Bob, and without revealing the secret message to the proxy. As Wikipedia puts it: "Proxy re-encryption schemes are cryptosystems which allow third parties (proxies) to alter a ciphertext … Continue reading Proxy re-encryption

Exporting / saving decrypted data from wireshark

Elaborating on my previous post, “Decrypting https traffic with bluecoat reverse proxy” in support or troubleshooting situations most of the time the end client would not be willing to give up any private keys. This is of course understandable given the fact that this could lead to a security system compromise, which would necessitate a … Continue reading Exporting / saving decrypted data from wireshark