Nugget post: WKHTMLTOPDF not loading JavaScript

WKHTMLTOPDF is an extremely popular tool to convert existing html pages (or strings) to a PDF. This comes in handy for CyberSift's Tutela product, where we are required to generate PDF reports programmatically. A significant aspect of these reports are graphs and charts to more easily visualize data. When using newer charting libraries, we ended … Continue reading Nugget post: WKHTMLTOPDF not loading JavaScript

Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible

While researching the best way to implement the SSL certificate monitoring feature for our Tutela product, we ran across the excellent Certificate Transparency Project. The project aims to "watch the watchers", and provide independent certificate logs to monitor Certificate Authorities. Unfortunately for us, the project API endpoints do not return an easy-to-parse data feed. Instead, … Continue reading Making “certificate-transparency-go” tools more accessible