Pentesting gRPC / Protobuf : Decoding First steps

Protocol Buffers (a.k.a ProtoBuf) and other binary serialization representations are gaining popularity, especially in inter-microservice communication. Unlike JSON or HTTP, ProtoBufs are not human readable (hence the "binary" part of binary serialization) , but that translates into an advantage of  less overhead, leading to performance gains, and the ability to code against a fixed schema … Continue reading Pentesting gRPC / Protobuf : Decoding First steps

Bringing reliability to OSSEC

As we saw in a previous blog post, OSSEC is UDP based. This is great for performance, and can scale to 1000s of nodes. However, it means there is an inherent problem of reliability. UDP is a connection-less protocol, hence the OSSEC agent has no guaranteed way of knowing that a particular event has been … Continue reading Bringing reliability to OSSEC