Monitoring Tomcat via JMX–Lessons Learned: Part 1

Requirement : monitoring vital Tomcat statistics such as active & idle threads, memory consumption and so on. JMX (java monitoring extensions) is quite well documented – so a google search should bring you up to speed, but in a nutshell, JMX is almost like a java-centric SNMP. Java app developers can make certain attributes such … Continue reading Monitoring Tomcat via JMX–Lessons Learned: Part 1

Tomcat configuration summary

Tomcat is one of the more involving servers to setup. It contains a rather large server.xml file that can be daunting at first. If you “break down” the massive xml file into containers however, it becomes a lot more understandable. Below is a diagram I drew up during my studies: For a better (printable) view: … Continue reading Tomcat configuration summary