Tip: Adding pre-existing storage to VMWare ESXi

Scenario VMWare ESXi is being used in conjunction with external storage (IBM SAN). We needed to upload VMWare images and virtual disks from one ESXi server to the external storage. Then, we needed to “mount” the same storage without losing the pre-existing data. Maybe counter-intuitively, using the “add storage” option in the vmware configuration page … Continue reading Tip: Adding pre-existing storage to VMWare ESXi

Virtual Machine Musings

Recently at work we were given a .OVA file to play around and test with. Turns out OVA stands for "Open Virtual Appliance" and is basically a file that allows for easy deployment of pre-packaged Virtual Machines (VMs). I had three options to run this OVA: 1. Use a pre-existing installation of the free VMWare … Continue reading Virtual Machine Musings