Living without React Router

How do you handle the scenario when a user taps the "back button" in your ReactJS app? In a plain vanilla ReactJS app you'll end up with the user navigating off your app since it's a SPA. Most devs would tell you to use React-Router. What if you can't, or - how does React-Router work? … Continue reading Living without React Router

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Exploring the WebAuthn API; a bare-bones JS app

I had no idea the WebAuthn API even existed until I came across this article by @herrjemand. In that article, the author used WebAuthn to automatically generate and save passwords in the Chrome credential manager. What more can this browser API do? How would you use it? What is WebAuthn - and why the buzz? We know passwords are a necessary evil. Credential managers are a hassle to setup and use, passwords are re-used across sites and applications - and we often choose weak or easily-guessed passwords. WebAuthn is oft touted as a "password killer". We've seen … Continue reading Exploring the WebAuthn API; a bare-bones JS app