SonicWall training Screencasts

Finally got around to publishing some training screencasts I made for the support team at SonicWALL. Hope you enjoy.

Update: The links below are now available from rapidshare (for a while at least) 🙂 hope they work!

Application Offloading (SSL VPN: protecting a web application and offloading SSL functionality from the webserver to the SSL VPN box)

ScreenCast here (needs sound)

LDAP training (General discussion of LDAP concepts, with a special mention of integrating LDAP filters with SonicWALL Email Security)

ScreenCast here (needs sound)

Tracking Email Messages on SNWL Email Security (Using the SMTP logs on an ES box to track where and what happened to emails)

ScreenCast here (needs sound)

Stopping PPT attachments from http webmail services using the application firewall

ScreenCast here (no sound needed)


Privacy Settings

2 thoughts on “SonicWall training Screencasts

  1. Hi David,

    Just stumbled onto your site searching for info on the application offloading. Will the screencasts be coming back?

    Cheers and thanks for the interesting info you have here.


    1. Hey LW

      Thanks for the feedback! Files have just been uploaded to rapidshare, links in the article have been modified to reflect his. Hope it works, let me know how you find them 🙂


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