Internet browsing time-based quotas

Classic hotel WiFi access scenario: You’d like to setup your network in such a way as to give a particular user only a certain amount of time per day to browse the internet. Say for example “guestuser1” should only be given 2 hours of internet access per day. Some vendors make this (relatively) easy. For … Continue reading Internet browsing time-based quotas

Useful MySQL commands

Nugget post (useful nuggets of information pertaining to MySQL) - Ubuntu mysql configuration (including username and password) is stored in: /etc/mysql/debian.cnf - Import data from csv file: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/importfile.csv' INTO TABLE test_table FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' (field1, filed2, field3); - Database manipulation: show databases create database [dbname] drop … Continue reading Useful MySQL commands