Internet browsing time-based quotas

Classic hotel WiFi access scenario: You’d like to setup your network in such a way as to give a particular user only a certain amount of time per day to browse the internet. Say for example “guestuser1” should only be given 2 hours of internet access per day. Some vendors make this (relatively) easy. For … Continue reading Internet browsing time-based quotas

Adding vendor-specific RADIUS attributes (BlueCoat ProxySG)

Building on one of my previous posts (look here), I now wanted to integrate a bluecoat ProxySg more tightly into RADIUS. One of the Proxy features is to be able to build policy based on RADIUS groups. The easier method to do this would be to simply use a standard RADIUS attribute such as Filter-ID, … Continue reading Adding vendor-specific RADIUS attributes (BlueCoat ProxySG)