SonicWALL Support notes

Below are the links to my personal notes while supporting the SonicWALL range of products. There is some good information there, and hopefully it’s not presented too badly so you can make some sort of sense from them 🙂 SonicWALL firewall notes: SonicWALL Aventail notes: SonicWALL GMS and Viewpoint notes: SonicWALL Email … Continue reading SonicWALL Support notes

Internet browsing time-based quotas

Classic hotel WiFi access scenario: You’d like to setup your network in such a way as to give a particular user only a certain amount of time per day to browse the internet. Say for example “guestuser1” should only be given 2 hours of internet access per day. Some vendors make this (relatively) easy. For … Continue reading Internet browsing time-based quotas