Installing Gerix (from Backtrack) into Ubuntu

Gerix is a 802.11 wireless pentesting tool. I find it especially effective against WEP protected wireless APs. Outdated security protocol which is still the default security that O2 uses in the UK (hint, if you're using O2's default wireless modem, get away asap... it took me 30 mins to get into such a weakly protected … Continue reading Installing Gerix (from Backtrack) into Ubuntu

Starting off with Backtrack 4 Final

This is a sweet link for anyone looking for a leg-up on getting started with Backtrack 4: I do have a couple of additions to it though: 1. In point number 1, the writer states that in order to install Virtual Box guest additions you need to type in "mount cdrom". That actually didnt … Continue reading Starting off with Backtrack 4 Final