Cisco WLC 2500 series – Lessons Learned

Assigning a local DHCP server 1. Define a new Internal DHCP Scope (Controller > Internal DHCP Server > DHCP Scope). 2. Ensure that the newly defined DHCP Scope is in the same IP range as that defined on the Wireless Dynamic interface 3. Under the Dynamic Interface settings (Controller > Interfaces > [select the dynamic … Continue reading Cisco WLC 2500 series – Lessons Learned

Installing Gerix (from Backtrack) into Ubuntu

Gerix is a 802.11 wireless pentesting tool. I find it especially effective against WEP protected wireless APs. Outdated security protocol which is still the default security that O2 uses in the UK (hint, if you're using O2's default wireless modem, get away asap... it took me 30 mins to get into such a weakly protected … Continue reading Installing Gerix (from Backtrack) into Ubuntu