OpsView, bash and GNUplot

Update: The method I go on to describe is over complicated for the objective. Matt in the comments section pointed out a much easier, OpsView method of doing this. Still, the below is a good exersize in bash / gnuPlot scripting. So, OpsView has away around it's own limitation of not graphing host checks. Thanks … Continue reading OpsView, bash and GNUplot

Installing Cacti & MRTG

MRTG and Cacti are both very similar network monitoring tools. They basically both involve reading SNMP values from SNMP-enabled hosts and displaying them in a very user-friendly graphical manner. Cacti is easier to use and more scalable than MRTG. But, what first attracted me to MRTG was the check_mrtg nagios plugin. I haven't yet gotten … Continue reading Installing Cacti & MRTG