Installing Cacti & MRTG

MRTG and Cacti are both very similar network monitoring tools. They basically both involve reading SNMP values from SNMP-enabled hosts and displaying them in a very user-friendly graphical manner. Cacti is easier to use and more scalable than MRTG. But, what first attracted me to MRTG was the check_mrtg nagios plugin. I haven't yet gotten … Continue reading Installing Cacti & MRTG

Importing custom SNMP MIBS to Nagios

In some network enviornments, it is often necessary to import vendor specific SNMP MIB. A MIB is an information database which contains all the SNMP "variables" that can be read from a particular node. It goes without saying, that different nodes will have different SNMP capabilities. Most of these are standardised and can be retrieved … Continue reading Importing custom SNMP MIBS to Nagios