Update: SQUID transparent SSL interception : Squid v3.2

In order to keep this blog post a bit more relevant, there have been some improvements since that post was written. Squid v3.2 has been released earlier this year, making ssl interception more seamless and easier. The new features for HTTPS interception can be found while reading through the man page for http_port: http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.2/cfgman/http_port.html More specifically: … Continue reading Update: SQUID transparent SSL interception : Squid v3.2

Dansguardian : lessons learned

To dis-allow users from connecting to a site via IP rather than URL name (so bypassing filtering unless you use the time consuming forward / reverse lookup feature), uncomment the following line in the bannedsitelist: *ip To enable syslog, the default dansguardian.conf uses: # Syslog logging # # Use syslog for access logging instead of … Continue reading Dansguardian : lessons learned