OTRS custom “Additional ITSM Fields”

This article is part 2 of the series dealing with OTRS. It describes a procedure wherein an OTRS admin needs to define some fields with custom content, that the users can select and use. The easiest approach is to define these custom fields and data within the “additional ITSM fields” section of the OTS agent view.

1. Define the new field under:

Search for “Ticket” and select “Core::TicketFreeText” from the list

2. Enable TicketFreeKey1TicketFreeKey1::DefaultSelection, TicketFreeText1 and TicketFreeText1::DefaultSelection, and fill in appropriately, for example:


3. Repeat the above step as needed. Make a note of how many you enable. In our case only FreeKey1 is enabled
4. Enable the new field under:

Search for “Ticket” and select “Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewAddtlITSMField” from the list

5. Scroll down to the “Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewAddtlITSMField##TicketFreText” heading and replace the value of “0” with a value of “1” for every FreeKey you enabled in steps 2 and 3 above. In our case only FreeKey1 was enabled, so we place a value of “1” next to key “1”.
Important: Do not change the value of the “Key” field, only the content field15

Now when an agent logs on to view a ticket, and clicks on “Additional ITSM fields”


They should see the new field:


The new information will be recorded under “Ticket Information” on the left hand side.

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4 thoughts on “OTRS custom “Additional ITSM Fields”

  1. Hi, thanks for writing this up. I would like to point out you’re using OTRS 3.0 In version 3.1; released in February, we re-implemented Free Fields with ‘Dynamic Fields’ which have a few benefits, there are more field types available; you can have an unlimited amount of extra fields and they are l10n’able; the configuration process is a bit different though.

    1. Hi Michiel,

      Thank you for the comment!

      I will be sure to check out the new version, and given enough time I will try to write a follow up article using the newer version

      Thanks for the interest!

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