OTRS custom fields revisited : Dynamic Fields

In a previous blog post titled 'OTRS custom “Additional ITSM Fields”' I wrote on how to extend OTRS to better suit an organisations particular needs. Michiel Beijen from the OTRS team pointed out that the method presented there is outdated in v3.1, and suggested the use of Dynamic Fields. I've finally had the opportunity to follow up on … Continue reading OTRS custom fields revisited : Dynamic Fields

OTRS custom “Additional ITSM Fields”

This article is part 2 of the series dealing with OTRS. It describes a procedure wherein an OTRS admin needs to define some fields with custom content, that the users can select and use. The easiest approach is to define these custom fields and data within the “additional ITSM fields” section of the OTS agent … Continue reading OTRS custom “Additional ITSM Fields”